About AGS

A.G.S. Electronics Inc., an internationally recognized electronic component supplier operates from our headquarters in Pensacola, Florida .  We have a wide commodity base to include electronic components such as: capacitors, resistors, relays, switches, and semiconductors.

Specializing in military and commercial components, A.G.S. Electronics is known for its unusually broad line of products sold to a wide number of industries and markets. Our extensive array of standard and specialized products provides our customers with a “one-stop solution” to all their wire, cable, and interconnect needs.

A.G.S. Electronics Inc. continues to be a customer-focused company. Our experienced and dedicated staff is committed to excellence in providing you with unbeatable service; prompt quotations, just-in-time delivery programs and much more.

A.G.S. Electronics Inc prides itself on committing to continuous improvements, and maintaining a standard of excellence. A.G.S. Electronics Inc. specializes in areas of quality, cost and scheduling, seeking to provide you the customer, not only with the most affordable products, but the best products